Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Community Love Part II

This was by far one of the best community projects that we were involved in. 

     We were set to work with Exxon once again to show love to the Colonial Forge community. We were only slated to be there from 12:00-3:30pm. It was slow at first.....Only seeing a kid here or parent there, but then in the second half...We got overwhelmed by visitors...And it was great! Families coming into the community who hadn't heard of a church reaching out, who had no idea that it was possible to receive a hug, a prayer, with no strings attached! This was also the first time that people actually sat with us around the tent area and kept us company until we left. They helped us pack up before crying out to God to help them change their lives....It was awesome. We can't wait for spring to start back up so that we can be back out there again.