Wednesday, February 29, 2012

He's Got it all

Sometimes it can be difficult to not worry much. Even as an author preparing for a launch someday I wonder about the support. I wonder will I be blessed enough to see it go to the top best seller? Then God reminds me would it matter? Like Abram falling into his deep sleep wondering will he ever have his seed, God was there to reassure him things would be as he said it. I have no experience at selling a book, but then again I had no experience writing one either. Yet the spirit produced a good works that blessed our men's ministry. I was blessed enough to find the John 3:16 network, thinking wow! Thank you Lord....Then just today for the second time in 2 months I am contacted by a group hosting a conference where they want to have copies of the book to distribute. Praise the Lord....Why should I worry? Just when I have no clue what will happen next or how things may turn up, God shows me that he has it all under control. He continues to place the right people- the right circumstances- and the right situations into my path. I am so thankful for it all

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