Saturday, March 24, 2012

Book Review The 7 Levels Of Intimacy

Book Review: The Sevens Levels of Intimacy
By Mathew Kelley

It is a rare occurrence to read a book that truly changes your life. This friend is a book that I would simply marvel at being called a GAME CHANGER. The author has created a book based off of biblical principles, but delivers them in a subliminal, simplistic tone.  In the beginning chapters the author establishes a multitude of different systems within humanity working together. The first system is recognized as the true human needs. Emotional support- Spiritual support- Mental support- Physical support. The overall tone that the book sets revolves around the questions “are you helping someone become the best version of themself?”
An additional system speaks to the levels of relationships that we carry amongst one another. The author makes a point to speak truth in knowing that not every person we interact with deserves to be a “close friend” or in high tier/primary relationships with us. He writes that the only thing consistent is change and those relationships may come and go during different times, but the question remains “did you help them in becoming the best version of themselves, while they were in your midst?”
The level of thinking is challenged when the author informs the reader about moving past communication barriers. Once this is accomplished the reader can expect to grow in the levels of closeness felt with people that they come into contact with.
I was not sure what to expect reading the book, but my experience with it has helped me to continue on that journey we call life as a much improved man. I would personally recommend this to anyone, but I will go on record and say that this book will become required reading for all couples entering pre-marital counseling through this church. Sincere thanks to the author- You’ve got a jewel here.


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