Sunday, April 29, 2012

Whats Your Angle?

I read a recent posting and decided to add to it…..It would seem God has been smacking me around with this recently and so im like okay, okay, okay Lord I will share it!
 Philippians 2:3-4
Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.
  This scripture confirms that in whole truth there is a selfish side to the human race. I have witnessed both in the common workplace and church the plans, dreams, and hopes stall because people begin to operate outside of humility. Think about God’s humility……He never had an additional game plan other than what the father gave him. Every movement that he took was to give God glory. He was the truth and he was perfect, but unfortunately we are not.
   That doesn’t mean we can’t be cleansed and operate at a high level through the Spirit. While God is the truth we must constantly be seeking and living in the truth! A man or woman must be willing to examine themselves on a daily basis to seek the truth. The truth cannot be tampered, rationalized, or massaged to justify what we have done. At that time it is no longer the truth.
    I once worked to the bone for a job that didn’t reward me how I felt I should be rewarded. I justified it as Corinthians (In whatever you do –do it for the good of God). I wanted to do a great job, but deep down I also wanted something more…..I wanted my come-up ins. I was perfectly justified to feel that things the employer and I had agreed upon before taking the job where not coming to be as promised. I was told I was going to be moved into a higher position soon, but it wasn’t happening despite the additional responsibility that was “dog piled” on me.
   In order to identify the humility in yourself you must be honest. Ask yourself….What is your true motivation? What are you really trying to prove? I had to face the facts that my ambition was great, but was starting to darken me. I had to readjust myself in order to be in a place where I could give God glory. I continued to do a great job and found that the position no longer mattered… The relationships with other people began to take precedence over titles and recognition.
  The co-workers began to respect my work and gave me senior respect even though I was a co-worker. God has a funny way of making you visible and brining you into and around situations at the right time. In order to continue God’s work I have to check my own agenda and then abandon it in order to adopt the Lord’s plan. Ask yourself the following questions on a daily and find out if you are living in humility. Are you accomplishing the Lord’s will or are you to busy trying to impose your own?
I also thought I would include a great parable I read about Pride vs Humility.
“The proud man will see himself as humble and the humble man will identify the pride in himself. To be proud is to be blinded to reality and the truth. Therefore the proud man is a simpleton who is unable to recognize the flaw in himself because he is too busy trying to prove he is humble. The humble man evolves in life because he is busy trying to further live a life of humility…God’s humility”
Ask on a daily
1.      What am I am really trying to do here?
2.      Am I doing what the Lord has asked…Or what I would like?
3.      What is my motivation for doing this?



  1. Humility is the most elusive quality. Once you think you are humble, you no longer are.

  2. Good thoughts Jairus. Thanks for being obedient and sharing them!

  3. Hoppin by on the blog hop! Good work Jairus. Blessings.