Friday, June 12, 2015



 During a period of my life in which I was transitioning from the military to civilian life I bought a bag. Not just any bag, but a high quality business brief case type of bag. It was expensive too. I suppose I bought it thinking that I was going to be this business guy and needed something to tote my papers in. For years I would kick myself in back-side wondering what pushed me into making such a stupid purchase. This bag was literally a dust magnet in the closet.
That was back in 2001, Now at 2015 this business bag contains my sermons, bible, laptop, and notes. I literally panic when I think about what would happen if I lost the bag. At this point in my life …..The bag matters and the purchase wasn’t so bad after all!
So what I am saying? Certainly I am not encouraging you all to go out and spend foolishly like I did. I am simply suggesting that there are pieces in your life that sometimes don’t make sense and seemingly may not belong at that time. If you are willing to endure, while preparing for tomorrow
today you may be blessed enough to see what God was setting you up for all along. Then you don’t look so crazy….You look like a person full of faith.

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